X-Oven is significantly more efficient than all other grilling systems using a solid fuel.

X-Oven’s removable grill drawers were designed to prevent energy loss: the enameled combustion chamber is always closed for slow combustion and to prevent flame development. Consumption is 80% lower than traditional braziers and 50% lower than traditional charcoal ovens. Energy consumption is also reduced thanks to the brazier raising system in the base cart that lets chefs take advantage of every calorie of heat generated.

Then there’s the charcoal proposed by X-Oven that lets the oven reach very high temperatures quickly and keep them constant over time.

Unlike traditional charcoal ovens, X-Oven is a vertical system with grill drawers on different levels to increase overall surface area and reduce grilling times.

The removable grill drawers make it easy to check and adjust cooking. The high, flameless temperatures guarantee excellent dishes in a very short time.

And X-Oven’s compact and functional design makes it the perfect addition to any professional kitchen, even small ones.